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Thursday 31 July 2008

Mixed News

Whistler seems to have been cut off from Vancouver. If this had happened on Thursday night, we'd have been rescheduling 400 flights. As it is, it's still unclear whether the road will be open by the time people have to leave on Friday. Apparently the alternative ways out are float plane or a six-hour road trip. This could be interesting.

In other news, Mike Shaver announced that we intend to ship Ogg Vorbis and Theora codecs for the HTML5 <audio> and <video> elements in Firefox 3.1. This is a huge step and I'm very proud that Mozilla is willing to take this on. I had the privilege of checking in and enabling Chris Double's Ogg patch last night, so this is enabled in the nightly builds. Check it out!

Update Apparently the road will be closed for five days. So we'll be bussing out the long way around. I'll probably have to leave at 11am for my 9pm flight...

Update #2 Apparently I'm leaving at 8am. 8 hours on the bus, 5 hours at the airport, 13 hours on the plane...