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Tuesday 16 February 2010

High-Performance Browser Developers

Yesterday, as a belated celebration of the Firefox 3.6 release, the Auckland Mozilla office went go-karting at the Formula E track in Manukau. These are electric go-karts; I personally don't have enough experience to compare these ones to petrol karts, but our more experienced drivers liked them and we all had a great time. They have interesting features like remotely controlled speed-limiting, so when someone spins out, everyone is immediately slowed down to the same speed without everyone bunching up behind the leader. The operators have some interesting software, so they can give you graphs showing your times for each lap; you can see the times improving as you learn. As an almost complete n00b, I started very slowly and improved quite quickly, which made me look good in the handicap races. I was, however, a nervous wreck by the time we were done --- three ten-minute intervals on the track. If this browser stuff doesn't work out, motor racing is probably not my best bet.

I wonder if anyone's combined go-karts with augmented reality. Put a head-up display in the helmet visor, project power-ups onto the track, pick them up to lift the speed limit in the electric motor. Etc.

Seven Mozilla developers at Formula E racetrack


One of my guys at work is big on racing and reckons these ones rock.
According to him:
*the cars have controlled acceleration so performance doesn't depend on driver weight.
*on their highest settings the cars are very quick
*they can boost cars individually to handicap or help particular drivers; and use this in the case of birthdays and so on.