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Wednesday 18 May 2005


I'm going to be out of town for three weeks, until June 12. It's a big, long trip but if you're going to go to the other side of the world, you might as well fit as much in as you can.

On Monday I'm heading off to the XTech conference in Amsterdam (May 25-27). A lot of fun people will be there --- Mozilla people, Opera people, Web standards people, even Microsoft people. It's a chance to reconnect with people I work with on-line every day, and I will also get to meet some people I've never met in the flesh before. On Thursday I'll be presenting a talk about rich graphics on the Web and Mozilla's implementation.

After that I'm going to GUADEC (May 29-31), the big GNOME conference. The schedule looks really interesting and I'm looking forward to getting to meet more GNOME people. Some of my Ximian team will be there too.

Next I'm going to Nuremberg along with other Ximian folks to meet our SUSE colleagues for a few days. This is another chance for me to meet a bunch of people I work with but have never met face to face ... including my boss. That should be interesting.

On June 4 I fly on to Boston. I'll be at our Boston office for the following week, doing some work and getting to know my Ximian buddies better. That will be really valuable. At the end of the week a close friend is getting married near Boston, and I'm incredibly grateful to be able to be there. I fly out on June 12 and should get home on the 14th having circumnavigated the globe!

I'll be offline most of the time I'm on the road, since I'm too lazy to wrangle mobile networking and I try to spend all my time meeting people and having fun. However, I should be connected during the days I'm safely at Novell's bosom in Nuremberg and Boston.


Michael Krax
Wow, what a trip. Sounds pretty exhausting.
Nuremberg is my hometown. So if you are searching for a good beer, bar or club drop me line - would be a pleasure to show you the city. But I am sure the Suse guys will treat you right. Worked for a while in the same building, friendly people.