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Friday 14 July 2006

On The Road

It's time for another trip to the USA to visit friends and colleagues. I'm leaving on Saturday night and returning to New Zealand on Thursday August 3. During that time I will be a little slower than normal at responding to email and other communications.

I'll be in California for the first week. I'm giving a talk at IBM Almaden on Monday, mostly about the engineering and strategic challenges we're facing as we try to drive the Web forward and some ways in which people can help. I'll be visiting the Mozilla building and Google Tuesday through Thursday, talking to people about various works in progress. On Friday I'll be up in San Francisco visiting Linden Labs and talking to them about their use of Gecko. I might take some time to rove around the city; I always love to walk across Golden Gate Bridge. On the weekends I'll be catching up with some of my many friends in the Bay Area.

In the last week of July I'll be in Boston visiting my Novell Linux desktop team as we plan work for our next major release. I'm really looking forward to that since I've had very little face time with these people. I will also be visiting MIT on Thursday to give a similar talk and meet some friends there.

The following weekend I'm heading to New York to catch up with friends there, including my buddies at IBM Watson, and I'll be giving the talk again there.

It should be a ton of fun, God willing, as long as tunnel ceilings and tornadoes don't fall on my head.


Arghh! Too bad. I was at Mozilla's headquarters just a few weeks ago.
I would have loved to meet you again.
Gregor J. Rothfuss
details for the MIT event: http://www.csail.mit.edu/events/eventcalendar/calendar.php?show=event&id=1189