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Saturday 19 May 2007


Today was gorgeous. We went up north and stopped at Wenderholm for a walk. One of my kids was napping in the car so I left my wife with him and took the other for a short walk to the Couldrey House lookout. It's a short track through lovely bush and the view is spectacular.

Along the way my little companion decided he wanted to turn back but I coerced him into continuing. He wasn't happy about that and started howling but we carried on anyway. We passed a couple, and then a little later one of them (an woman, American by the sound of it) ran back to us, apologised for intruding, and then asked "is he yours?" and then to the unhappy boy, "is he your daddy?" As it happens he declined to confirm or deny.

At the time I was glanding Toddlerproof Stoic Calm so I said little, just waited until she seemed satisfied and then we carried on our way. I don't really know what kind of confirmation she expected. In retrospect I find it rather galling to be questioned this way --- especially to have my son questioned this way. On the other hand, she probably had the best of intentions. I guess I'll just carry a family portrait in my wallet from now on...


Colin Coghill
I guess on the positive side, if something dodgy ever does happen to him, it looks like there's a chance that helpful strangers will actually intervene.
- Colin
It doesn't really surprise me, since the media is so full of hype about the Madeleine abduction (at least in Europe).... Good idea about the family portrait.