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Tuesday 22 May 2007

Chronicle Update

I committed the Chronicle sources to Google Code's Subversion repository, along with a couple of bug fixes. One of those fixes will hopefully get it to build on Linux distros like Ubuntu where libelf headers go in /usr/include. The only downside is that I can no longer track download numbers --- currently 174 :-).

I'm still working ever-so-gradually on the Eclipse debugger plugin. I need to play the name game again... incumbent: Chronometer, challenger: Anachron.

Update New challenger: Parachron.


Anachron is pretty close to "anacron". So I'd avoid that.
How about Chroniclipse? :-)
Or, if you want someone who goes backwards and forwards analysing a Chronicle, how about "Historian"?
Grahame Bowland
I think you accidentally forgot to run make clean before checking it in, though :-)
Here's a patch (a bit messy, as there's lots of patches against Makefile and other cruft) that makes chronicle build on Ubuntu feisty:
It's based off Ubuntu's patch to valgrind to set -fno-stack-protector in CFLAGS.
Robert O'Callahan
> I think you accidentally forgot to run make clean
> before checking it in, though :-)
I did? I thought I cleaned up the tree pretty carefully. What needs to be deleted? Oh, I guess you mean the valgrind Makefiles... guess I need to run make dist or something.
Thanks for the patch!
I agree about Anachron - to close to an existing product. I find the other two ugly.
How about hitting something a little physics or a little sci-fi? Some time-travel kind of thing? That's a sweet spot for your target demographic I think.
Tachyon, Tachyograph. Causality. Event Horizon. Schr�dinger's Box. Spacetime. Decoherence. Observation. Entanglement.
Stuff like that.
Actually "Causality" is really doing it for me...
What about "Chronic Debugger" - I know it is a tad bit unimaginative, but that is the way of Eclipse as far as I can tell... :)
Jeremy Lea
What about Paraleipomena. If you want to be obscure. Besides, it will always be the "things omitted" which people remember it for ;-)