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Tuesday 15 May 2007


I'm scheduled to give a talk at next month's Auckland Web meetup --- about Firefox 3 stuff, of course. It turns out that Nigel Parker from Microsoft will be at the same event giving the Silverlight pitch. When it comes to marketing, Nigel's a pro, so that should be interesting.

The indomitable Chris Double should be there with me and we will have some interesting demos to show, although perhaps less flashy than others :-). We'll want to strike the right balance, though, pushing not just Firefox but our message about the open Web.

Anyway, it should be a fun evening!


Xing fingers for ya, mate!
Looking forward to hearing about FF3!
Pablo Garcia
Hi there.... Manzana's a specialist supplier of classroom solutions. Just recently we're doing some work in Xool developing a classroom ap which you'll find really interesting. We really need to have a catch up pretty quickly - any chance you could give me a call and we could line up a time?
Pablo Garcia