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Monday 28 May 2007

Things I've Seen With My Eyes

Today was a fun day at the Auckland office. We did the first ever demos of a few exciting new features:

  • Theora video playing natively in Firefox!
  • Windowless plugins in X/Linux!
  • Rendering --- and editing --- crazy Zapfino ligatures without bogus visual artifacts!

... each the work of our local developers. It's a hive of excitement here, I tell you!


That all sounds pretty spiffy, roc! So who's working in the Auckland office now - you, Chris Double, and an unnamed contractor, as far as I can deduce from your posts? Is there anyone else, and will all these people join planet.m.o? That would be a good way to keep up with all the fun things they're doing, I think :-)
Windowless plugins in X/Linux! THAT ROCKS!
Is there a bug where I can track the status of this... ?
What libraries did you use for the Theora integration? I've been doing some research about usable libraries for HTML5 media elements: http://wiki.mozilla.org/HTML5_Media_Elements
Robert O'Callahan
Gijs: me, Chris, and Karl Tomlinson. Chris is joining p.m.o. Karl doesn't have a blog yet.
Ernst: bug 137189
Sylvain: ask Chris --- bluishcoder.co.nz
Chris Double
Sylvain, libogg, libtheora and libvorbis for the decoding of the theora data. Currently I've not got sound going but portaudio is the likely library for that.
What do you think of Zack Rusin's idea to run Linux plug-ins in a separate process?
Robert O'Callahan
We'd like to do out-of-process plugins. There are some problems, though, like scripability and running windowless. We should coordinate with Zack.