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Friday 6 July 2007

Media Superstar

There's video of me and Chris speaking at the Auckland Web meetup online now.

There's also video of me speaking at mini-Webstock the following week.

I haven't watched the Webstock video yet. I forced myself to sit through the Auckland meetup video. Urgh.

Chris has just submitted the first iteration of a patch for <video> element support in Firefox. I'm really looking forward to the day when those videos can be provided in Theora format and we can just watch them in browsers with no plugins and no proprietary production tools required.


Hey, you did a demo of my Greasemonkey script; cool! :) If anyone is interested in trying it out, it's available at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/9022.
Regarding the rendering issue you mentioned with bad word spacing, I don't think it's actually a bug. I set the text in the columns to be justified, as that looked better than left-aligned text to me for narrow columns. However, really long words that cannot be split across lines lead to bad-looking lines like the one you pointed out. Future work on better paragraph layout and automatic soft hyphens in Mozilla would probably fix this issue.