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Wednesday 7 November 2007

8 Kent St

As I mentioned recently, our team is growing to six people over the summer, so we need new space. After trials and tribulations reported previously on this blog, we finally have a lease on new office space at 8 Kent St, Newmarket.

This is a pretty cool area. There are lots of great food options in Newmarket. On the very block of the office there's O'Callahan family favourite Crazy Noodle Bar plus two yum cha (dim sum) restaurants (Sunnytown and Sun World) and a Mongolian BBQ place Gengy's. Nearby there's Happy Valley, Hansan, T-Mark, three food courts, a Chinese bakery, and lots of other places I don't know well ... yet. The office is actually above Lone Star, a big American-style place.

Given that, it's fortunate that I'll be able to walk to and from work. It's about 30 minutes each way at a fast pace. For people who live further away, there are great bus and train connections.

I'll be able to go for a walk in the Domain when I need to get away from my computer and actually think.

The Rialto movie theatre is about a block away from the office. Maybe interns will have enough time to use it.

My old high school, Auckland Grammar, is only about a kilometer away. It feels like after 20 years I haven't come all that far :-).


That sounds fantastic. I have a 30 minute work to work and I can recommend it. :-) If you drive to work currently, you might recognise the stress of it by its absence when you walk.
The choice of eateries sounds mouthwateringly broad.
Michael Ventnor
Is there a way to look up Auckland public transport online? It seems pretty far away from where I'll be staying...
Robert O'Callahan
Michael: it's not. It's maybe a 30 minute walk from where you're staying, less if you walk fast. There are also lots of buses. See maxx.co.nz. We move in on December 3 so for the first week we'll be at the current Cook St location. There'll be time for you to figure everything out :-).