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Monday 14 April 2008

The Shadow Of The Moon

I sneaked off work today with my wife and we watched In The Shadow Of The Moon, being screened as part of a local film festival. It was brilliant! Amazing footage, very well put together, and the astronaut interviews are really good --- moving, funny, and insightful. I'm not a big fan of manned spaceflight but you can certainly see the appeal. Recommended.


Why are you not a big fan of manned space flight?
I'm not either. I think it's a massive waste of time and resources. Send out probes I say. :-)
Robert O'Callahan
Never send a human to do a robot's job!
Manned spaceflight sort of made sense in the 60s, when robotics technology was a lot more primitive. But now manned missions are basically joyrides; as you say, they're massively wasteful compared to robotic missions for the same goals.
Actually I'm still in favour of human space travel, but it should be one-way missions delivering colonists to self-sustaining habitats constructed by earlier waves of robots.