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Thursday 5 June 2008



Can't wait to hear the news, whatever this is the hash to.
You know, eventually you're going to have to start posting the content for us. :)
John Drinkwater
Damn secrets! searching through hg.mozilla.org yields nothing…
Al Billings
Maybe it is like "Lost" and the numbers...
Justin Dolske
Results at http://gdataonline.com/seekhash.php are inconclusive. Guess I'll have to commandeer Jesse's Mini farm to do this the hard way...
Robert Accettura
You've done this before... what's the process to cash in these hashes? Bugzilla?
hg changesets like http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/index.cgi/rev/c5b6d415d822
seem to be 12 digits, 5ce9134be8a642e1fbf3b93593da33e9 is 32.
I'm stumped.
Ben Karel
Is there a list of your time capsules anywhere? There totally needs to be one.
Sebastian Redl
It's no use searching the web for the hash. It's the hash of a prediction, and we'll get to know if he's right some day.
But could you please tell us at least vaguely what the prediction is about?
Mike Cochrane
At first I thought it might be a git changeset, but then remembered mozilla uses hg.
I'm out of ideas.
I guess it's just the hash of a text field containing some novel idea. Having the hash posted here is a means to prove he's had the idea as soon as the posting date. Like if he was giving a sealed letter to a lawyer...
ChrisJ probably has it right, I've done this myself once or twice... (albeit with an explanation)
Marc K
That's an awesome idea! Wish I'd've thought of doing that... Although I haven't had any worthwhile predictions that I'm aware of. Maybe it's the results of a lottery draw? Just kidding...