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Sunday 7 September 2008



Steve Laniel
Interesting. I'd disagree with some particulars of your argument, but in the main I think it's sound.
Jeff Schiller
I forget: Are these things that you'll eventually reveal at some future point in time, or are they private things for a select group of people?
Christopher Blizzard
I both love it and hate it when you do this.
Can't find this anywhere else on the web. ;)
Aristotle Pagaltzis
Gee, this is getting popular. I’m not sure how much I like this trend.
Robert O'Callahan
No-one has the plaintext for any of them yet.
My prediction: "Google Chrome will crash and burn and Firefox will live forever!"
"No-one has the plaintext for any of them yet."
not even you!?!?
Jim Battle
Robert, you are way off the mark, obviously 4a8dec89f08156ec972ddc3ff319eb02
Robert O'Callahan
Er yeah, *I* have the plaintext. Sorry about the confusion.
Groan.... this post is too long. Can someone sum it up for people like me?
Well, the best part about this is that you won't reveal them if they don't come true -- nobody has to see the wrong predictions...
Could you give us a timeframe for when you might possibly reveal the plain text?
4a8dec89f08156ec972ddc3ff319eb01 within 5 years
And don't mess with us too much. Could you please not say "within 5 years" if, in reality, you know the foretold event/thing/whatever will come to pass within 3 months.
Any chance of this??
Christopher Robert Jaquez
I say we all start a massive distributed computing effort to decode the hash. If we don't get the actual answer, maybe we could at least get some entertaining collisions.
Mysterious Andy
Unless I missed something, there's still been no post explaining either of your previous hashes:
That first one is approaching its second birthday, so I wonder if the "very interesting... cause serious harm" bit refers to you waiting out the statute of limitations (presumably so you don't get someone else in trouble) on something.