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Thursday 4 September 2008

Auckland Web Meetup

Chris Double and I will be speaking at the next Auckland Web Meetup on Thursday September 11 --- one week away. We'll be talking about Firefox 3.1 and the many new features and improvements it brings to Web developers.

When I sent the blurb to John Ballinger a few weeks ago, I added "Plus Tracemonkey, the world's fastest JS engine." I'm glad that that's still true! (Yeah, I know Sunspider is just one benchmark, but still.) Now I hope it's still true next Thursday :-).

Microsoft evangelists will be giving a presentation on IE8 at the same meeting. The whole meeting should be very interesting and a lot of fun --- especially for us, since I think that Firefox 3.1 has a strong story over IE8, especially for Web developers. I'm really looking forward to this.


You'll show demos, right?
Also, it would be nice to get a video of your presentation (in Theora of course :) ) or at least put on the web any slides or materials you're using.
Hey Robert, I really enjoyed your talk at the Web Meetup. Very informative, very encouraging to see the work you're doing with 3.1