Friday, 26 September 2008

New Zealand Open Source Awards

I'm very grateful to have received an award for "Open Source Contributor" in last night's New Zealand Open Source Awards.

This kind of event --- with a fairly heavy business and government presence --- was rather foreign to me, but nevertheless the evening was a lot of fun.

In accepting, I mentioned that I'm already well rewarded for my open source contributions, and thanked all the people who labour away tirelessly on useful projects without much reward or recognition.


  1. Congratulations! Very cool for you to receive such an honor.

  2. Your new text engine helps a lot on Thai issue, Roc!

  3. Hi Rob. I realise these events are not everyone's cup of tea. But it was great you came, won, and helped demonstrate to that audience that some pretty amazing work is going on in the FOSS world.
    In short, thank you.

  4. Don, thank YOU. Feeling foreign isn't a bad thing, and let me reiterate that I had a great time.