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Monday 8 December 2008

Places I've Been

Google's Street View is cool, especially now that it covers New Zealand.

Places I lived:

  1. 5612 Fair Oaks St, Pittsburgh (first 2 years of grad school --- with Andrew, David, Scott and Herbie)
  2. 350 South Highland Ave, Pittsburgh (next 2.5 years of grad school --- with Andrew, David, Scott, Herbie, Ted, and David M!)
  3. 5726 Beacon St, Pittsburgh (remaining 2.5 years of grad school --- my wife didn't want to move in with those guys)
  4. 89 N Broadway, White Plains (first 6 months at IBM)
  5. 81 Holland Ave, White Plains (3 more years at IBM)

Where I live now was actually missed by Google's Street View pass over Auckland. Fine with me.

Places I worked:

  1. Wean Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (visible at the end of the driveway)
  2. IBM Research, 81 Skyline Drive, Hawthorne, NY (Street View hasn't covered this yet)
  3. Novell, 39 Market Place, Viaduct, Auckland (pan right for the incomparable Sunshine Chinese restaurant)
  4. Mozilla, 83 Nelson St, Auckland
  5. Mozilla, 8 Kent St, Newmarket, Auckland (current location)


Dion Almaer
Very cool. I have done:
London to Minneapolis, MN to Boulder, Colorado to London to Boston to Madison, WI to Palo Alto, CA
If there is any excuse at all, would love to come to Mozilla NZ office!
Wow, you lived literally around the corner from where I live right now, while I am at CMU.
Dion, where do you live? The closest home to the Wean photo is my old house.