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Sunday 15 August 2010

Firefox Sync

I just tried using Firefox Sync to synchronize data between my main Firefox profile and my newly-installed home computer's Firefox profile. It was easy to set up and worked perfectly --- and it was fast too! I have to confess my expectations were not high for a feature that just got turned on for beta 4 :-). Well done everyone! This is definitely going to make my life a little easier.


I've used Sync from way back in it's pre-1.0 Weave days. It had many trials and tribulations prior to being integrated into the browser. It does not surprise me that the integration has had only a few "hiccups".
omg yeah. Weave is the Best Thing Evar. One of my favorite features of the last year or so.
Firefox Sync is not the state of art.
Other extensions permit to sybchronize differents bookmarks folders and to choose then in every profile. I have my work bookmark and my free time bookmarks and they have not to mix.