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Saturday 28 August 2010

Sunshine Rises Again

As previously reported, the wonderful "Sunshine" Chinese restaurant in Market Place near the Viaduct Harbour suffered a tragic demise. And also as previously reported, it has been reincarnated. Today our family visited the new incarnation, "Crystal Harbour". I am very pleased to report that the new version is very similar indeed to the old "Sunshine". The decor is the same, the layout is the same, the lack of queues is the same, and most importantly the food is very much as it was. Where Sunshine excelled --- the unique barbeque pork buns, the seaweed plate, the ice cream dumplings --- so does Crystal Harbour. Crystal Harbour's promotional material claims there's a new chef, but clearly (and fortunately) a lot has been preserved. One change is that there were a lot more people there today than I ever saw at Sunshine. It could be the novelty factor, but I hope Crystal Harbour does well. I certainly plan to contribute as often as I can!