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Monday 30 August 2010


I'm at Microsoft TechEd in Auckland today and tomorrow --- they reached out to invite a few open source people, so I thought I'd go and check out their messages. It's fun too. One of the highlights of today was a talk about geolocation APIs ... the presenter showed the creation of a toy HTML geolocation app, but couldn't get it working in Chrome and had to switch to Firefox :-). And apparently IE9 isn't going to support the geo APIs at all as far as anyone knows. Funny sort of demo for a Microsoft conference!

In fact so far I haven't seen anything about IE9 at all. There's a lot more Silverlight/WIndows Phone 7. I wonder if that's accidental (this is just the first day after all) ... or not.


They're going to be announcing IE9 on September 15th. Who knows? They might surprise us about that. ;)
Why aren't you here at the SVG conference? We're missing a Mozilla SVG guy ;-)
Well it's tech ed. I can't imagine them putting much emphasis on IE9. Even for Silverlight, before 2.0 they didn't show much at tech eds.
They might get something to demos/tutorials/etc with IE9 next year, after the release. Not surprised with WP7 though, they are desperate for developer interest in that area right now, Silverlight is part of that as well I guess. If IE9 was part of WP7, you might have seen more coverage. But it's stuck with IE7+ I hear.
Robert O'Callahan
Dirk: isn't Daniel Holbert there? I thought he was going. I'm not going because it's on the other side of the world :-)
Daniel Holbert
Yup, I am indeed here at SVG Open! I just hadn't met Dirk yet, when he posted - I met him a few minutes ago, though. :)
Daniel Holbert
[I tried to post a shorter version of this comment earlier today, but it looks like it might've gotten lost in the tubes. Or maybe it's just awaiting moderation. :)]
Yup, I am indeed at SVG Web, and it's been great! I met Dirk this afternoon, actually -- but that was after he'd posted here. :)
Speaking of geolocation, Opera's tech evangelism guy showed a demo that used the geolocation API today -- I guess that's supported everywhere except IE now (ignoring whatever Chrome issues your presenter ran into :)).
And speaking of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft got a question on whether that platform would support SVG -- they say it won't, since it'll be running an IE8-based browser. Makes sense.
roc: The world is small :-D But yes I met him in the meanwhile :-)