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Friday 28 January 2011



We're just past the 4 year anniversary of your first such post. Any hints on the likely timeframe we're looking at for reading the real posts? :)
Robert O'Callahan
Sorry, can't give any hints.
Robert Accettura
Every time you do one of these I chuckle. You realize there's a lot of pressure for when you reveal right? ;-)
Well ba65e69cd720f7ea8b9c7 to you too!
FYI this is appearing on Planet Mozilla (at least, in the RSS feed). :P
Jim B
3433aed5e4a1ca4ca1fc8db580d60c2b ==
hash("January 27, 2011: I was visited again last night by the space people. They have told me their demands: if firefox 4.0 doesn't ship by the end of February, 2011, they are going to dump 100G tons of lime jello mix into the atlantic ocean. I was warned not to tell anybody or they'll toss in 20 trillion pineapple chunks as well.")
J. McNair
They always have appeared on planet mozilla. I always wonder if they are a defensive copyright declaration against patent trolls or something.
A modern day, hacker analogue to mailing a sealed letter of your idea to yourself, to get the postmark date on it.
James Napolitano
Are all these hashes related? Do they represent hg changesets? Are the previous hashes related to things that have landed/happened already or are they all part of something not yet revealed? Are we supposed to be able to figure out or know anything about these or are they all just teasers?
Commitment schemes ftw
Laurens Holst
@J. McNair: That would be my guess. A good idea.