Friday, 22 June 2012

Google Plus Spam

Recently I removed Google+ from my Google account. Unfortunately, people are still adding my account to their Google+ circles. (I had assumed they wouldn't be able to do that anymore.) Worse, I now get an email every time they do that. The email has tiny text saying "To change what emails Google+ sends to you, you can always manage email subscriptions on the settings page." with a link. When I click on the link, guess what happens? It goes straight to a "Join Google+" page with no way to turn off the emails (unless I rejoin Google+ I guess) :-(. It's odious.

I'm still getting emails from Linkedin too. These sites are like malaria, once you've had them they're incurable.


  1. Who +1s this page?
    And why would anybody join any service with his/her main email address?
    This way you can't control what gets sent there, agreed.

  2. It is not just once you have had them. I joined Google+ because it was sending me email about people adding me to their circles before I signed up. Thanks, my “friends”! Telling Google things about me on my behalf that I never intended to tell it myself is a great service. So I joined, for the sole reason of putting some text on my profile to please not add me. This has proven ineffective: people still do. So I now assume (because I never used G+ enough to find out) that the continuing trickle of circle-adds is based on some kind of scummy “upload your address book” feature.

    It makes me mad.

    Do I have to start passing out single-use email addresses to everyone now?

  3. I've had no problem turning G+ on and off, I honestly can't see how you could possibly be experiencing this.

  4. I must agree with Robert

    Google Plus is like a SHITTY service out of a third world county!

    Blocked SPAMMER, removed SPAMMER, reported SPAMMER, no way to contact GOOGLE on this issue -- The SPAM just keeps coming and coming!

    Definitely ruins the experience!. GOOGLE PLUS ia absolute CRAP! Did I say CRAP?

  5. I have the same problem but from the opposite angle.
    I have Google Plus and it gave me a list of people I might want to add so I did.
    What it didn't tell me was that these people were NOT on Google Plus AND that it would email them on my behalf to ask to sign up.
    So now I am the spammer!
    The reason it doesn't work to write on your profile is that it doesn't display your profile when it suggests "People you might know".

    This is Bullshit.

  6. I've never joined google plus, but my gmail account is continually spammed with top topics, etc, regularly from google plus. clicking on the remove link demands that I join google plus before I can do anything about it!

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  8. I've created a petition for this:

  9. Anytime a 'service' is forced upon me it automatically makes me despise it. Good job on the aggressive approach google. I'll never touch the service now just for that reason alone.

  10. G+ is so retarded.. or pretends to be..
    They try to make me register for g+ all the time, sending emails about what's going on with people around (that i dont even know).. i tried to unsubscribe from this JUNK emailing, but if i click on "change what g+ sends you", i'm directed in to setting up my g+ profile... THIS IS 100% SPAM BEHAVIOR! forcing people to use g+ WTF goole...
    how can i tell google to F***off, i will never want to have a g+ profile!!!
    I was even forced to stop rating and commenting on a couple of sites (youtube, android market) because google insist on me joining g+ to comment.. retarded!
    i dont want email from g+, and i dont want to register g+ to unable my email notification

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  12. I was tricked into using google+ and then I absolute strangers started adding me to their circles and spamming me. It was very annoying. I have no deleted my google+ account.

  13. sorry, typo. I meant, "now deleted"