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Thursday 18 April 2013

Google Vs New Zealand

The head of "Google NZ", Tony Keusgen, has been talking about New Zealand's shortage of "IT experts". And apparently, unlike most people who complain about it, he's actually tried to do something to help. That's great.

However, what's not so great, and of course not mentioned at all in the article, is that Google itself is contributing to the problem in a significant way by aggressively recruiting for NZ developers to move to their Sydney engineering office --- since they don't have an engineering office in New Zealand. That works for Google, for their recruits, and even for me and Mozilla, since there's basically no competition to Mozilla for NZ developers who want to do the sort of platform engineering work we do. It sucks for New Zealand though.

It's too bad the writer, Ben Chapman-Smith, didn't know about or declined to mention this. And if no-one called Tony Keusgen on it, that's bad too.

I would love to see a real Google office here. Some pretty high-profile Googlers are NZers. Make it happen!


In an article in the Waikato-Times Dr Craig Neville-Manning admitted that Google Wants to recruit NZ’s top talent and take them out of New Zealand - http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/8561451/Google-wants-to-hire-NZs-top-techies Google has an unlimited number of jobs available for the world's top techies, and engineering director Dr Craig Nevill-Manning would like to hire as many Kiwis as possible.
I don't think that report actually says Craig Neville-Manning (who I've met) is out to screw NZ. I think to the extent it implies that, it's just poorly written. I do think he should think about what he can do to help here ... and moving NZ talent out of the country isn't it.
What actually is Google NZ? Is that a marketing term?
This (http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Google-Reviews-E9079.htm) may make you think twice about joining GOOG, especially a remote office.
I'd got to the Sydney office if I could work for Rob Pike. Nah ... didn't think that would happen either.
Not exactly a surprise to find superficial reporting in the Herald.
California is 5 hours different from New Zealand, and Sydney is 7 hours (at the moment, it, of course, changes with Daylight Savings). That makes follow the sun easier. I suspect that's real reason for the difference between New Zealand and Australia. And it's very unlikely to change. :/
Michael Hwang (mkhhwang@live.com)
Dear Mr. O'Callahan, My name is Michael Hwang and I am a final (4th) year electrical & electronic engineering student at AUT University in Auckland. If all goes to plan, I will be able to graduate by December of this year. Hence, I just wish to make an enquiry with you as the Country Manager for Mozilla NZ if your company has any software engineering or IT Support related graduate positions this year or in 2014?? I am sorry to have to contact you this way but I do not have the official email address of Mozilla NZ in which I could direct my enquiry. Thank you for your time and attention on my enquiry here. I sincerely appreciate them, looking forward to hearing from you sometime. Yours Respectfully, Michael Hwang