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Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Chris Problem

I just sent a message to public-audio replying to Chris Rogers, Chris Pike and Chris Lowis. Fortunately Chris Wilson wasn't involved in the thread, although he could join at any moment.

It reminded me of a Mozilla meeting discussing multi-process video playback, which I attended with Chris Double, Chris Pearce, Chris Jones and Chris Blizzard.

Something is deeply wrong here.


Ian Thomas
Clearly Mozilla has a fundamental problem reusing identifiers that are meant to be unique. Have you filed a bug?
It could have been worse. It could have been a meeting with Robert Clary, Robert Strong, Rob Campbell, Robert Helmer, Rob Tucker, Rob Miller, Robert Richter, Robert Nyman, Robert Middleton, Robert Kaiser, Rob Hudson, Robert Wood, Robert Jia, Rob MacDonald and Robert O'Callahan.
Alex Limi
Wow, OpenID integration isn't really working here. That comment was made by me. :)
I'd like to see you try to get us all in the same meeting :-)
Years ago I helped with a church children's group. One day I had four young girls in my car, and the mother of one of them: Sarah Adolphson Sarah Bell Sarah Curtis Sarah Danielson. Eddie Maddox
A bit like the four Whitelock brothers playing for the same NZ rugby team? The TV commentary can be more than a little hard to follow...
You could probably dig up quite a few Davids and Matthews, too. I saw an interesting fact (which I can't find) recently: 9 of the 10 most popular names in the US are male. "Mary" was the only female name in the top 10, and it was near the bottom.
I am a Chris, and my problem is different from too many. There is a collegue at work who has the same first name, Chris, last name ( slightly different spelling ) and middle name - and is born in the same year. We have had one ticket cancelled once when we flew together for work, because they thought we had double booked by accident. Chris is a good name if you do not want people to google you, however.