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Sunday 30 October 2016

Auckland Half Marathon #4

Official time 1:46:34, net time 1:45:14. This is my new personal best; I've been getting faster every year. This year I did a bit more training than last year, but I'm a bit disappointed because I didn't push myself as hard as last year.

At this pace and distance my feet aren't quite tough enough; both this year and last year a spot of skin on my right foot wore through and started bleeding. I don't feel it while I'm running but it's not a good look, so either I need to do more training or wear my Vibrams if I'm going to run faster or further.


Congrats! Are you racing in different shoes than in training? That could explain the bleeding.
No, I'm running barefoot both racing and training. That explains the bleeding :-)
I've done solo runs up to 30km before without this bleeding issue. It only happens when I'm trying to run fast.
Alfredo Yang
You may try climbing tapes on the weak point of your soles. I do that when I need to run fast in barefoot.
Good to know!