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Sunday 9 January 2022

The End Of The Runway

As of January 10 I'm leaving day-to-day work on Pernosco and joining Google's NZ office.

Pernosco is doing OK. We signed up significant new customers in 2021 and many of our customers really love the product. I'm very proud of it and I continue to think it has immense potential. However, I've been working on Pernosco for nearly 6 years now and my runway has simply run out. On the other side of the coin, Google has announced they want to start engineering work in their Auckland office, they reached to out to me, and ended up making me an incredibly attractive offer. I think having Google engineering here is important for NZ and I'm eager to contribute to building that up. I'm also very much looking forward to working with people in an office again after six years at home, on an interesting project too.

Pernosco is not going away! Kyle will continuing maintaining, improving and selling it, and there is significant revenue to support him doing that. I'm retaining my stake in the company, but I won't be doing Pernosco development, sales or operations while I'm at Google. I have high hopes that Pernosco usage will continue to grow and Pernosco will be increasingly successful.


Congratulations! That sounds great, and it's also great that Google is doing engineering in NZ! All the best with the transition.